2018 Jamb CBT Runz, our Jamb CBT 2018 Answers that will make you Score 280 above For Those Writing On TUESDAY 13-02-2018 JAMB QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

1. In a democracy, sovereign authority is exercised by the?

2. The agent through which the state undertakes political socialization is
3. Unicameral legislature is a common feature of
4. Independence of the judiciary is pertinent because it accords the judiciary the power to
5. In a unitary system of government, power is concentrated at the centre?
6. In a confederation, the constituency that a member of legislature represents is a?
7. In a constitutional monarchy, the authority to remove the hea d of state is exercised by the
8. In a parliamentary system of government, a vote of no confidence leads to the resignation of
9. In a presidential system of government, the president checks the legislature through?
10. The economic basis of feudalism is?

English language

Independence novel..
1. Tayo married miriam out of ————-
a. Love
b. Sympathy
c. Persuassion
d. (coudlnt remember this option)
2. For what reason did tayo and mariami keep the pregnancy away from kemi
A cultural
B social
C religious ……


1. Correct 241.34 (3 x 10-3)2 to 4 significant figures
2. At what rate would a sum of #100.00 deposited for 5 years raise an interest of #7.50?
3. Three children shared a basket of mangoes in such a way tha t the first child took ¼ of the mangoes and the second ¾ of the remainder. What fraction of the mangoes did the third child take?
4. Simplify and express in standard form (0.00275 x 0.00640/( 0.025 x 0.08)
5. Three brothers in a business deal share the profit at the end of contract. The first received 1/3 of the profit and the second 2/3 of the remainder. If the third received the remaining #12.000.00, how much profit did they share?
6. Simplify √160r2 + √(71r4 + √100r3
7. Simplify √27 + 3/√3
8. Simplify 3Log69 + Log612 + Log664 – Log672
10. Find the sum of the first twenty terms of the arithmetic progression Log a, Log a2, Log a3
11. A carpenter charges #40.00 per day for himself and #10.00 per day for his assistant. If a fleet of a cars were painted for #2,000.00 and the painter worked 10 days more than his assistant, how much did the assistant receive?
12. Find the sum of the first 18 terms of the progression 3, 6, 12……….. 13. T, T-1,T-2,T+3,T+4,T+7 IF THE MEAN OF

In silverplating a spoon, Which is the cathode and the anode? Ans: In silver plating, the object to be plated (e.g., a spoon) is made from the cathode of an electrolytic cell. The anode is a bar of silver metal, and the electrolyte (the liquid in between the electrodes) is a solution of silver cyanide, AgCN, in water. bottom line is the cathode is the spoon while anode is silver
1 :- movement of manufactured food from the leaves to other part of the plant is CORRECT ANSWER = translocation
2 :- the part where fertilization takes place is labelled CORRECT ANSWER = III
3 :- the level of organization in onion bulb is CORRECT ANSWER = organ
4 :- the possession of short string and conical beak for picking an

1 :- movement of manufactured food from the leaves to other part of the plant is CORRECT ANSWER = translocation
2 :- the part where fertilization takes place is labelled CORRECT ANSWER = III
3 :- the level of organization in onion bulb is CORRECT ANSWER = organ
4 :- the possession of short string and conical beak for picking and cracking seed is an adaptive feature of CORRECT ANSWER = weaver bird
5 :- gaseous exchange in plants takes place through the CORRECT ANSWER = stomata
6 :- the part labelled ii is the CORRECT ANSWER = suture
7 :- predominance of grasses with scattered trees are characteristics features of CORRECT ANSWER = grassland
8 :- in plants, auxin is produced in the CORRECT ANSWER = apices
9 :- the blood group AB is called CORRECT ANSWER = universal acceptor
10 :- a diploid individual carrying two different alleles if a gene on its two homologous chrosomes is referred to as CORRECT ANSWER = heterozygote
11 :- photosynthesis, respiration and decay are important processes which brings about the recycling of CORRECT ANSWER = carbon(iv)oxide
12 :- the illustration represents CORRECT ANSWER = mitosis
13 :- which of the following structural feature is involved in regulating

14 :- dissolved gasses, turbidity and density are ecological that affect CORRECT ANSWER = aquatic habitat
15 :- under secretion of pituatry hormones in children leasd to CORRECT ANSWER = dwarfism
16 :- the law of the inheritance of acquired traits was postulated by CORRECT ANSWER = lamarck
17 :- a trait that is expressed in an offspring when two individuals with constracting characters are crossed is CORRECT ANSWER = dorminant
18 :- which of the following is a biotic factor in an ecosystem CORRECT ANSWER = predation
19 :- organis that belongs to the kingdom protista are referred to as CORRECT ANSWER = eukaryotes
20 :- which of the following is a decomposer in a terrestial habitat? CORRECT ANSWER = bacteria
21 :- which of the following air pollutant results in acid rain CORRECT ANSWER = nitrogen oxide

22 :- which of the following features describes Euglena as a plant and an animal CORRECT ANSWER = ability to response to light stimulus
23 :- the function of swim blader in Tilapia fish is CORRECT ANSWER = for buoyancy
24 :- the causative organism of ameobic dysentry is CORRECT ANSWER =entamoeba hystolytica
25 :- a person with blood AB can donates to person with blood group CORRECT ANSWER = AB
26 :- the genetic constitution of an organism is referred to as its CORRECT ANSWER = genotype
27 :- the diagram represents a CORRECT ANSWER = hibiscus flower
28 :- the diagram labelled ii is CORRECT ANSWER = metaphase
29 :- in evolution the appendix in humans is an evidence from CORRECT ANSWER = vestigial organ
30 :- secondary succesion takes place CORRECT ANSWER = in abondoned farmland
31 :- the level of organization of a cow heart is CORRECT ANSWER = organ
32 :- a sudden loss of black pigment from the skin of an African can be attributed to CORRECT ANSWER = mutation in the skin cell
33 :- intra specific competition occur due to CORRECT ANSWER = limited resources
34 :- in which part of the body can the diagram be found CORRECT ANSWER = neck region

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