Arise Nigerian Youth – By comr. Yusuf Haruna Yusuf Gama. [ sir, keega ]

It is unfortunate that Nigerian Youths take the back seat on all things Politics, but give undivided attention to all things TRIVIAL.


By comr. Yusuf Haruna Yusuf Gama. [ sir, keega ].


It is unfortunate that many of our young men will follow every international football League, from La Liga to Premier League but they say they don’t have time for Politics. It comes as no surprise that many of our young Nigerian men are so addicted to foreign clubs even when most cannot mention any Football club in Nigeria. They don’t care about Politics, yet they will care that Liverpool and Manchester City have a match this Sunday, and they will NOT miss it for the world. They have time for fun and games but refuse to be actively involved in the Politics that affects their daily lives. If you set your alarm, so you don’t miss the match between Liverpool and Manchester City this weekend, also remember to set your body alarm to remind you of the agony of living in Nigeria in real-time.  Problems can only multiply when we refuse to face reality and accept responsibility

Arise Young Men – Nigeria needs you


It is equally unfortunate that many of our young women will never miss an episode of their favourite Telemundo show but are invisible when it comes to Politics. These are imported shows from Latin America, and the language dubbed to the English language, but regardless our young Nigerian women have an unstoppable obsession with the shows, which they religiously follow daily. They set their alarm to make sure they tune in, but come to politics; they moan and groan. It’s soothing to disappear into the world of someone else, whose problems make theirs seem like a stroll in the park. But the reality is that Nigeria’s problems won’t diminish because of the twists and turns of fiction; Our nation’s problems are REAL and will remain with us until we do something about it.

Arise Young Women – Nigeria needs you


Yes, our young women must empower our young men, and our young men must empower our young women. We need each other’s vigour to make Nigeria a tremendously great country so we can spare our children the untold hardship that we go through every day in Nigeria.


Comr. Yusuf Haruna Yusuf Gama.






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