2018 Jamb CBT Runz, our  Jamb CBT 2018 Answers that will make you Score 280 above

Welcome Am Going to take my time to explain to you how you can get 100% sure 2018 jamb cbt answers and score above 280 in fourth coming 2018 jamb exam





How Do We Operate: Our System Operating in  a way whereby Your JAMB 2018 CBT Answers & Questions will be sent to your phone number a day before
exam day. E.g If you are writing on monday by 5PM on sunday evening you will
receive your answers direct to your phone as sms.






How can i pass 2018 CBT exam?

NOTICE: There are many other site that are doing this Jamb cbt Runz, but if you want a 100% Verified & Trusted Correct Jamb Answers, Then Subscribe To Our Source and get your answers delivered to your phone sms inbox.

Our 2018 Jamb CBT Answers Format

»» Morning-Section Will Start Their 2018-Jamb-Cbt Exam By 6am – Answers Come To Your Phone By [5pm a day before the day] 24hours! No Doubt About It.

»» 2nd-Section Will Start Their 2018-Jamb-Cbt Exam By 10am – Answers Come To Your Phone By (12am Midnite) Morning! No Doubt About It.

»» 3rd-Section Will Start Their 2018-Jamb-Cbt Exam By 12noon – Answers Come To Your Phone By (6am) Morning! No Doubt About It

Recent Questions People
Have Asked Us & The Answers We Gave

1. How are My Going to Be Sure Of your RUnz? This year cbt runz is very sure and 100% guaranteed Cbt of this year is just of two type

type A ( Candidate which will have registration number starting like 66
example ( 66985467FH )

type B ( Candidate which will have registration number starting like 65
example ( 65345738GI )

so it makes it very possible for us to get the exact question and answer of each candidate and to be foward to the student day b4 the exam day

In conclusion Your question and answer is programmed on jamb data base with your jamb reg no each student has different Registration no in this case thery will answer different question so after your payment you are to send us your Jamb Reg No. Dat wiil be use to fecth your exaclt questions and answers for you”

2. Question 2: If i pay this amount now will it be too early? Answer No
its not early because we are closing this assistance very soon, our payment would be high so late payments must attract additional fee, and it now open”

3. Me and My Friend are offering same subject can we use the same answer you send to me?: Capital letter No [ NO ] you can’t because you both have different jamb reg no your answers and questions are totally different even if you are writting the same date your questions are different

4. What Time Will The Answers Come to Me?: “All answers will come to you a day b4 your exam day around 5pm in the evening as SMS”.

5. How do You Know My Own type, Since its Very
Different?: “We have explained this above all your exalct questions and answer will be gotten through your Jamb Reg No. “.

6. How Will The Answers Come to me?: “it
will Come to Your Phone Number as SMS”.

7. How do you send your answers: The answers
are sent with Correct option instead of A, B, C, D we send
the correct option for example:

What Gender is Ada?
A. Male,
B. Female,
C. None

We send You female instead of B as
that may be different option all Through.

This applies to all your Questions.

You Can Now Subscribe To The 2018 Jamb CBT Runs

OUR 2018 JAMB EXPO / RUNZ IS N4,500. & subscription price will be increase to N7500 Very Soon is better you pay Early to afford paying N7,500.

Notice: Here Is The Only Place To Get Real Jamb 2018 CBT Answers.

How Can I Subscribe to this assistance to Get This my answer 24 hours before exam


Bank Payment

(i) 4 Subjects »»»» N4,500
(ii) All Subjects »»»» N16,000
(iii) 1 Subject »»»» N1,500

You are to pay the sum of 4500 to the bellow account details

Runz Price: #4,500

Bank to Pay To

Account Name: Ibrahim  Yekeen Olamilekan

Account Number: 0697252201

Bank Name: Acces Bank

After Payment Send Us Through SMS Your

– Depositors Name At The Bank,
– The date You Paid
– Your 4 Subjects
– Jamb REG NO.
– 1 schools of Your Choice (for post Ume FREE Sms Alerts)
– Your Exam Date & time (send This to Us if You Have Gotten )
– Your Phone Number

To 07038858824

NOTE: if you have not yet gotten your Jamb exam date you can still made your payment and after You Have reprint Your slip and gotten your exam date, ReSend The date and Your Phone Number You subscribed With.

For more info call 07038858824


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